Of Far Realms and Fey

Episode 3

The Tower of Starlord Lykurgis

The party emerged from the mysterious portal to find themselves at the base of an enormous tower, in a room full of slaves mining coal from the ground, overseen by a Dolgaunt taskmaster. Upon seeing the party, the Dolgaunt yelled out “Intruders!” alerting the other creatures further up the tower, and then ordered the slaves to attack the party.

Lizzie Barden incited a slave rebellion, turning the slaves against their masters, while Vlad the Inhaler and Gunk faced off against a pair of Dolgrim that came down from the floor above. The entire time, the party was being pelted by arrows from above by several archers. Eventually, Saarsgardyn was fed up with this annoyance and used his Vine Whip to begin pulling the archers down from the floor above, through the very holes they were firing through.

From the third floor, the party began hearing some ominous chanting, but could do nothing about it, as they were tied up on the bottom floor with the Dolgrim. After a few more seconds of chanting, they heard a scream that was equal parts joy, pain and terror, and a few seconds later, the top half of one of the chanting creatures fell to the bottom floor of the tower with a wet thud. Looking up, they could see an amorphous blob of eyes and teeth working its way towards them: the creatures had summoned a Gibbering Mouther from the Far Realm and were rewarded by becoming its first meal.

The Mouther did not distinguish friend from foe and caused some significant damage to one of the archers before seeing the veritable buffet of heroes and slaves running around on the bottom floor and plopped itself down right in the thick of things and started wrecking havoc, managing to knock Gunk and Vlad unconscious before the party finally finished it off.

When the dust cleared from the fight, only a single slave of the original 10 remained alive. Jewelington Garnet III befriended him and the party (+1) headed upstairs to investigate. At the top of the two flights of stairs, the party noticed a huge glyph inscribed in a circle. Jewelington (slave in tow), investigated the glyph and found it to be the power symbol of a ritual of sacrifice. Unfortunately, the slave was overcome by the residual power of the Far Realm still active in the glyph and was killed instantly. Undeterred, Jewelington refused to let the corpse of his friend go and held it like a rag doll.

Continuing through a large set of doors, the party continued upwards through the tower. Coming to another, larger set of doors, they cautiously opened them and entered an enormous library. In the middle of the room was Mr. Crowley, the tower’s butler, and behind him, Zisa Skiprock, seeming none the worse for wear, outfitted in a nice dress and sitting in a comfortable chair drinking wine. “Ah,” said Mr. Crowley, “Master Mantooth. You’ve returned.”

After some serious questioning, Arizona and the rest of the party decided to stay at the tower and await the arrival of Starlord Lykurgis, in order to get some answers as to Arizona’s past and why he and the other tattooed youths were being hunted. Arizona was escorted to his room, where he found an exceptional staff that was apparently his before he left (a +2 Hellfire Staff).



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