Of Far Realms and Fey

Leaving the Tower

Mr. Crowley Explains It All

Leaving the tower

Mr. Crowley came into Arizona Mantooth’s room and began furiously creating magical wards throughout the room, explaining that they would prevent any words spoke in the room from being heard outside of it. Crowley asked Arizona if he would like his friends summoned, as there were important words to be had. Arizona refused, and Crowley began to explain:

Arizona is one of seven tattooed individuals known as the Children of Zhudun. Starlord Lykurgis hunts them because he is planning to perform a powerful ritual that uses all seven of them as reagents. This ritual will supposedly open a rift between the Far Realm and the Prime Material Plane, which will allow the elder gods full access to both planes, most likely with disastrous effects. Lykurgis actually has already attempted the ritual, but something went very wrong and the seven children, who were kidnapped at a young age specifically for this purpose, were teleported to various locations around the world. The tattoos they bear act as a sort of magical magnet, drawing the children towards one another, and when the tattoos are close enough, they begin to react, which Lykurgis can detect and dispatch The Takers to bring them back. Crowley also revealed that Arizona is in fact the most important of the children, and is known as The Pupil of The Eye of Zhudun.

At this point, Arizona asked Crowley to summon the rest of the party, and he explained to them all he had heard. Arizona suggested simply killing the other Children at the tower, but was dissuaded by his fellow adventurers and Crowley. Crowley stressed that since Arizona had not been captured and had in fact come here of his own volition, Lykurgis had no way of knowing he had ever been here. Killing or leaving with the other Children would tip their hands that they know of Lykurgis’ plan, so they decided it would perhaps be better to maintain the element of surprise. Upon Crowley’s suggestion, they headed for the only non-Lykurgis’-portals method of transportation to the Material Plane from the tower: the Lightning Train. Before they left, Crowley handed Arizona a signet ring, explaining that it was key to returning to the tower if he so chose.

The Lightning Train was a very fancy and comfortable train car that rode on rails using rings of cold elemental lightning. They boarded the train and left, hurtling through the Astral Sea back towards their home.

The Ghost Town

They arrived at a sparse wooden platform, and Lizzie Barden sent the train back to the tower, as per Crowley’s instructions, so as not to raise suspicion at its absence. Looking around, they found themselves in a seemingly abandoned town. Soon, they realized that while there were inhabitants, they were all undead: several groups of skeletons were patrolling the town.

The party decided that stealth could potentially lead them out of this town without the need for a fight, and so set to sneaking between the sparse buildings and trees, attempting to make their way out of the town unnoticed. They were unsuccessful, however, attracting the attention of one of the wandering pairs of skeletons, they were forced to fight. The battle attracted several more attackers as it raged on. Arizona suggested making a run for it and indeed, made it all the way to the gates, but his friends stayed and fought, so he slung spells from the gate while still attempting to convince them to just leave. Eventually, all but two of the skeletons had been defeated, and those two continued to patrol, unaware of the pitched battle that had taken place. After bringing Jewelington Garnet III back from death’s door, the party managed to slink past the two cyclopean skeletons that remained and walked outside.

When the party turned back to face the town, only Arizona could see it. A powerful illusion had been placed on the entire town, making it seem to be a sheer cliff face overlooking the ocean to anyone who was not wearing Crowley’s signet ring. Turning back to the little-used road in front of them, it suddenly occurred to them: they had no idea where in the world they were.



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